Descent Gully on Nenana Mountain

March 2004 with Seth Adams

Photos copyright 2004 Seth Adams.


We approached up the Yanert river from McKinley Village. It turned out to be more than 60 km of mostly good skiing.

Yanert Overflow

A fair bit of the Yanert was well overflowed which sped things up.

Descent Gully

Descent Gully

The route goes up the couloir which looks like a better descent route than ascent route. Ironically, in the summer, this gully has horendous rockfall making it a terrible descent route.


Wouldn't it be more fun to be walking downhill.


Obligatory summit photo.

Going Home

After the climb, the weather got cold and windy, so we went home.


It was a cold headwind. I just couldn't help thinking that in a week, I was going 400 miles north to ski the Wilderness Classic. Sure enough, we got plenty of weather colder than -50 Celsius.

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