Gillam Glacier Part 2

May 2005 with Jeff Benowitz and Seth Adams

Photos copyright 2005 Jed Brown unless otherwise noted.

We moved camp so we could access the S Ridge of Balchen and waited out some bad weather

The Two Essentials

Jeff with The Two Essentials.


We can see Hess, but can we see Balchen? (c) Jeff Benowitz 2005

The Handicap Ramp (S Ridge of Balchen)

After more bad weather and another day of walking the rack, we got a break.

S Ridge

The S Ridge of Balchen on our summit day. (c) Jeff Benowitz 2005

Peak 10910

10910 from the S Ridge Col on Balchen. Part of the E Ridge is on the left.


We can see Traleika!

Pitch 1

Pitch 1. (c) Jeff Benowitz 2005

Belay 1

Seth at the first belay. (c) Jeff Benowitz 2005


Good thing we have all this rack. (c) Jeff Benowitz 2005

Parking Belay

The view from the Handicap Parking Belay.

Gunks 5.3

Seth pulling down on the Gunks 5.3 pitch. (c) Jeff Benowitz 2005

Pitch 4

Jed on pitch 4. (c) Jeff Benowitz 2005


Seth finishing pitch 4. (c) Jeff Benowitz 2005

Upper Ridge

Setting out on the upper S Ridge. (c) Jeff Benowitz 2005

Upper Ridge

On the upper S Ridge. (c) Jeff Benowitz 2005


The view from the summit was so good and I have pictures to prove it. The descent was relatively uneventful despite some crappy weather. We called the route The Handicap Ramp and rated it 5.4c because ratings are for hotels.


The E Face of Hess.

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