First Winter Ascent of Mount Huntington

March 2007 with Colin Haley

Photos copyright 2007 Jed Brown unless noted. Click for high resolution versions.

Day 1 on the glacier

Colin gets warmed up.

Approaching the couloir

Colin approaches the couloir.

Starting the couloir

Colin starts the first simul block.

Jed in couloir

Jed in the couloir. Photo (c) Colin Haley.

Following the traverse

Colin follows the traverse.

Above the mixed bit

Colin above the mixed bit.

Getting ready to trade trail breaking

Getting ready to trade trail breaking.

Jed on upper face.

Jed on upper face. Photo (c) Colin Haley.

Nearing the ridge

Nearing the ridge. Getting windy now.


On the ridge.


It's cold, let's go down now.

Colin on the traverse

Is that weather moving in?

Last rappel

Colin finishes the last rap down the couloir.

We flew in with Danielle of TAT on March 10. We left camp at 7:35 on March 12 and returned at 22:20. Then we spent a few days winter camping and decided we'd rather go to Valdez and climb waterfalls, so we flew out on March 16.

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