Mount Prindle

These photos are from a July 2005 trip with Ian McRae and Erinn Whitmer.

Photos copyright 2005 Jed Brown.


The Prindle wall from camp. Piggy Spire is the large tower on the right with the main wall behind. The left arching dihedral on Piggy Spire is Homewrecker.

Ian racks up for the Klondike

If this is a sport climb, why does he have all that gear? And a hammer? We finished the Klondike and put in a couple more bolts so it can probably be done without pins now. It goes at 5.9.

Ian on the Klondike

Ian on the lower part of the Klondike.

Jed on the Klondike

On the redpoint.

Ian starts up Homewrecker

Ian on the first pitch of Homewrecker (5.9). The dihedral above is the stellar second pitch (5.9).

Jed starting the fourth pitch of Homewrecker

Starting the fourth pitch of Homewrecker. This was the FFA of this pitch. The first move is 5.9 and the rest is 5.8, but the lead feels a little more serious than the lower ones due to the loose flakes and poor protection.

Ian hikes out

Ian hikes out after a good day.

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